Social and Emotional Skills Development in Early Childhood

Country Overviews - A Call for Contribution


Country Overviews - A Call for Contribution


A Call for Contribution

Country overviews related to social and emotional skills development of children in early and preschool years for European countries


EU-Self Project team is developing an innovative SES information hub for almost all European countries (we target 47 countries). For each country, there will be a country overview related to the state, assessment and intervention of SES in children in early and preschool years.

Experts from all over Europe can join us in this endeavour.

The country overviews will be 4-5 pages long. We have developed a short guideline and a template. Depending on experts will of involvement there are several options:

  • Taking an active part in the country overview description.
  • Review of already written country overview.
  • Providing information and materials that can contribute to the process of writing.
  • Provide contact to a colleague and/or expert in the field.

Experts’ contributions will be credited in any case. Please see the attached file with guidelines and a template.

Deadline for contribution is till 15 October 2020.


EU-Self Project team

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