Social and Emotional Skills Development in Early Childhood

EU-Self Project International Conference 27 September 2022 Sofia, Bulgaria


EU-Self Project International Conference 27 September 2022 Sofia, Bulgaria




Dear colleagues,

The department of Cognitive Science and Psychology at New Bulgarian University and Kindergarten № 37 “Valshebstvo” are partners for Bulgaria for the EU-Self project – “Social and Emotional Skills Development in Early Childhood Education and Care in Europe,” Erasmus+ program. This project has allowed us to combine knowledge and best practices from the fields of social and emotional skills development in early and preschool childhood.


Thus, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us at our final international conference. The speakers are international experts (Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina) from the project consortium, who worked to develop the materials, as well as local experts and official guests from national institutions. The event will be specially honored with a presentation by Rowena Phair, representative of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The conference will present the following works developed within the framework of the project:

(1) An interactive online Europe-wide platform with information on social and emotional skills for children of early and preschool age (https://euself.nbu.bg);

(2) Books:

  1. European Country Overviews Compendium on Social and Emotional Skills;
  2. Social and Emotional Skills Assessment Measures Compendium;
  3. A Compendium with Programs for the Development of Social and Emotional Skills;
  4. A book with additional materials (case studies, glossary, etc.);

(3) Systematic analysis of social and emotional learning in the preschool context;

(4) Presentations of the SES practices of institutions working with children from Bulgaria, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina;

(5) Presentations of practices in Bulgaria, etc.


The presented works will be accessible free of charge and will be of value for researchers, preschool teachers, educators, experts, parents, representatives of institutions, non-governmental organizations, etc.

The conference will take place on 27.09.2022, 09:00-17:00, Aula, New Bulgarian University (21, Montevideo Blvd., Sofia).

Thanks to the support of the “Lachezar Tsotzorkov” Foundation, scholarships are provided for participants who live outside the capital. Those of you who wish to take advantage of this opportunity should note this on the registration form. The deadline to register for participation with a scholarship is 15.09.2022!

Please note that registration is mandatory for all participants, regardless of application for a scholarship, as space is limited!

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For questions regarding the event: Nadia Kolcheva, PhD, nkoltcheva@nbu.bg

  Gergana Petrova, gnpetrova@abv.bg

For questions regarding the scholarships: Dimitrina Papagalska, d.papagalska@tsotsorkovfoundation.bg